I really love to do Q&A sessions and answer your questions about airlines, KPIs, and technology. Over the last weeks, I’ve received many new questions from blog post readers or podcast listeners. That’s why I decided to run another Q&A session. (In case this is your first visit, you can also tune in to the previous Q&A sessions: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

And it’s definitely overwhelming to see that people from all over the world are reading the blog or listening to the podcast. This Q&A session, for example, features questions from Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Romania, India, and Tunisia.

Overview: 7 Questions about airlines, KPI and technology

Due to Corona, I had to run the Q&A session again on my own. Here’s an overview of the questions I’m answering with this podcast:

  • Are airlines from different world regions using different KPIs?
  • Which KPIs to start with when setting up a real-time dashboard
  • Is it possible to calculate real-time KPIs without a data warehouse?
  • What is more complex when it comes to a KPI solution: Doing the design and setting up the UI or developing the backend?
  • Is there a favorite Ops Control system when it comes to integrating data into a KPI solution?
  • Is it inevitable to have a mobile solution for KPIs?
  • Why Tableau isn’t the right choice for real-time KPI calculation?
  • Do you observe a difference between world regions when it comes to mobile usage of KPIs?

Tune in!

And if you prefer listening on Spotify or Apple Podcasts simply search for the “ID1 Audio Experience”.


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