Personally, I am genuinely convinced that employee motivation —still— is #1 key to a successful business. Moreover, I’m super-convinced that the combination of content management and corporate communication holds such a massive potential to drive employees’ motivation.

Although totally underrated by (many) companies, I consider that as a unique possibility to create knowledge, drive efficiency, and ultimately improve a company’s performance.

However, when I talk to companies about employee motivation in the context of content and communication I usually observe three types of companies

  1. Companies that don’t believe that creating and distributing content will improve their employee’s motivation. Or in other words: Companies that don’t believe in the power of information.
  2. Companies that want to drive employee motivation but overthink content. That means they discuss and debate but do not start to execute, create, and distribute.
  3. Companies that don’t know where to start.

If you belong to the second and third group this deck is exactly for you!

We created it to inspire and, more importantly, to create the tactics and details around how your organization can push the envelope to create more content than you ever thought possible. Probably not all of the tactics fit your organization. However, we wanted to show what is possible. Moreover, we wanted to show which types of content can be used to drive skyrocket your employees’ motivation.

The deck features very detailed tactics, thoughts, but also believes why we think content is so important to drive the motivation of your employees.

The deck continues our tradition to put out content absolutely for free. And, I do hope you find this new 82-page deck extremely valuable.

Please enjoy and share this with colleagues, executives, and all other people that want to improve employee motivation. I truly believe this deck will help so many to understand the importance of content.

Enjoy, and let me know your feedback! We’re really interested to get your thoughts on that. How to do that? Send me an email, hit me up on Twitter, or get in touch on LinkedIn.

PS: If you cand find the registration form above, just send me an email. Use the subject “Employee Motivation” and I’ll make sure to send you a copy!


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