Everybody knows that there’s no way around employee communication apps anymore. Long before Corona, many companies understood the necessity of exploring new ways to distribute content with employees. Corona was the final punch. Home office, de-centralized working, and a hunger for information accelerated that progress immensely.

Employee Communication App

However, that last months provide one super essential lesson learned. Employee communication apps that purely focus on communication between employees are not sufficient. On the contrary, it’s up to the company to “feed” the app with relevant content

Compare Employee Communication Apps And Facebook

I always love the comparison with Facebook. You open your Facebook app and enter a limitless content world. But more importantly, you consume content that:

  • provides you a perfect overview of what is going on
  • is perfectly tailored to your needs
  • animates you to comment and interact.

Nevertheless, many companies lack the idea of what kind of content to distribute with their employee communication app. That’s why we put together this blog post outlining 9 types of content you have to include in an employee communication app.

Employee Communication App — 9 Content Types You Need!

1 — Tweets

Twitter is an essential source for updates and news you should distribute with your employee communication app. However, since you don’t want to rebuild Twitter, you should carefully select the Twitter profiles you integrate.

From my perspective, you should definitely go to your company’s account. Additionally, you should include the profiles of your most important competitors. Finally, industry news or relevant market influencers are perfect choices.

2 — Operations Content

Operations information reflect the heart of your company. Think about your most essential key performance indicators. The KPIs that provide a comprehensive overview of your operational performance is super important for every employee. Therefore, it has to play a vital role within your employee communication app. Additionally, information about operational processes reflects an interesting content source.

And by the way: It doesn’t matter if you are producing goods or providing services. Or if you are a retailer, a real-estate company,…

Every enterprise has operational information that is highly relevant to distribute!

3 — Financial Information

I know, you consider financial information as confidential. Nonetheless, I believe you should think about sharing non-critical information within your employee communication app.

From my perspective, financial information reflects an essential pillar of transparent communication. On top of that, it’ll drive your employees’ motivation massively! However, it is, of course, important to carefully select which financial information you share with your communication app. The latest revenue figures, overall cost information and planned and actual profit can be a good starting point.

4 — Instagram Posts

Every time I point the attention to Instagram, companies ask me why they should integrate that content into their employee communication app. The reason actually is super trivial: It creates emotion!

In fact, Instagram content isn’t required to drive knowledge. However, Instagram’s visual content drives emotions and motivation. In that hashtags are very powerful since you can select relevant content only. 

Nevertheless, it would help if you used Instagram as “secondary” content. That means you distribute it rarely when enough content is available and more often when less other content is available. 

5 — News Websites

News from websites is essential to keep your staff up-to-date. But you have to be careful: This shouldn’t be about integrating general news. On the contrary, you have to go for business-relevant news. News about your company, competitors, or your market and industry.

Additionally, you should integrate only 2-3 different news sources into your employee communication app. This is important to avoid duplicate news about the same topic.

6 — Management Posts

Management content reflects a type of content that shouldn’t be integrated automatically. Direct, ad-hoc communication is critical in that context.

Your top management has to publish relevant information regularly. Moreover, this isn’t limited to your CEO but your entire senior management. The type of content should spread across all types: audio, video, visuals, written word, etc.

In that context, you have to ensure your employee communication app offers swift and easy possibilities to share content. And by the way: Make sure to create awareness across your management to post content regularly!! 

7 — Podcasts

Podcasts are an essential source of knowledge and insights. Make sure to select valuable, tailored, and regularly updated shows. Additionally, podcasts must have a clear focus on your business or industry.

Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts offer a vast amount of podcasts to chose from.

8 — Slack Insights

In case you are using Slack, you can create tons of communication insights to share with your employees.

  • KPIs regarding the number of messages
  • Trending hashtags in public groups
  • KPIs based on number of users
  • KPIs based on activity
  • And on, and on, and on.

Especially thorough KPIs provide a brilliant source of how the days are going and what are the things that drive staff! 

9 — Company Specifics

Every company possesses additional, specific internal sources for content pieces — always depending on their business. Think about further internally available content that drives your employees! 

Employee Content Apps — What’s Your Opinion?

Always happy to receive your feedback and thoughts. Just hit me up on Twitter or get in touch on LinkedIn.

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