I recently stumbled upon an article that talks about the key to corporate communication. Although from 2017 and not that lengthy, the text, that was published on DigitalSignageToday.com, attracted many people on social networks.

And I have to say that the headline caught my attention. Not because I was curious but because I thought this is nonsense.

So what’s this article about? The article’s key statement is that “Strategy, not content is the key to corporate communication.” Although this article focuses on digital signage solutions, I’m afraid I have to disagree with the statement.

Content Always Wins!

First of all, I do think that content always wins. I’ve seen so many companies that overthink strategies or debate about strategical approaches when all they have to do is execute. The article is right when it says that some content is suboptimal and does nothing else than entertain. However, I would always choose to distribute ten pieces of content and bear the risk that 20% isn’t perfect instead of investing years to define a strategy the ideal content piece.

Additionally, we always have to bear in mind: We are living in a super-fast world. Content creation happens every second. Therefore, corporate communication —most often— is more about speed than perfection. Otherwise, your employees will gather information from different sources.

That brings me to my second aspect, which is even more essential. It’s not only that I think that content is more important than strategy. On top of that, I believe that there’s an ingredient that is more important than content+strategy. That thing is called ATTENTION!

Attention — The Single Key To Corporate Communication!

There’s a saying: Content is King! But Attention Is God!

So what does that mean? You can have a strategy or not. You can have good or worse content. As long as you don’t get your employees’ attention, you (or your information) are utterly irrelevant.

Unfortunately, many companies widely overlook/ignore that aspect. They debate about the right strategies and the perfect content pieces — but forget to think about getting the attention.

The Battle Of Attention

And this is so vital in today’s world. I love to describe that as “The Battle Of Attention.” This is both the main challenge and the key to corporate communication.

What does that mean? The smartphone, as well as the mobile internet massively changed the way we consume content. Every person faces a humungous amount of content that pours down on him every single second. Facebook updates, tweets, Instagram posts, news updates, emails, etc. And each of the content sources—especially external players— is battling for the attention of people, respectively, your employes.

Accordingly, your employees continually have to decide how to spend the next five minutes of their time. Should they scroll their Facebook timeline, text a tweet, read an email, or consume your corporate content. Therefore, it requires focusing on how to get attention. Moreover, you need the right tools to do that. Personally, I don’t think that digital signage solutions are the right way to go. On the contrary, I am a huge advocate of a mobile-only approach that utilizes feed-based approaches. Otherwise, neither content nor strategy will help.

What Do You Think Is The Key To Corporate Communication?

Always happy to receive your feedback and thoughts. Just hit me up on Twitter or get in touch on LinkedIn.

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