We are beyond thrilled to present the first-ever Future Perspective Edition about Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators. A massive document that holds innovative thoughts, latest trends, and pioneering concepts!

Business Intelligence And Key Performance Indicators

+40 Pages About Business Intelligence And Key Performance Indicators!

We are more than thrilled to publish the sixth edition of the “Future Perspective” series. For this edition, we went back to our roots and put together an amazing amount of valuable knowledge about business intelligence and key performance indicators.

With more than 40 pages it reflects an extensive collection of innovative thoughts, new concepts, and best-practices you can execute right now. Our entire team worked hard to prepare this document and we do hope it provides value to you!

What’s Contained In The Future Perspective About Business Intelligence And Key Performance Indicators?

Here’s an overview of the articles that are contained:

  • 6 Reasons Why You Need Key Performance Indicators To Achieve Sustainable Cost Reduction: In challenging times, Key Performance Indicators are one of the most important instruments a company can rely on. We put together some valuable thoughts about why there’s no way around them.
  • How Voice Assistants Will Disrupt Business Intelligence & Analytics! Voice assistants are one of the most fascinating developments. We took a look beyond “Alexa, what time is it?” — and combined the power of voice with business intelligence and analytics.
  • Why Facebook rocks and your business intelligence dashboard sucks!
  • Key Performance Indicator Dashboard — 3 surprising use cases you’ve never thought about.
  • Beyond reports — How you should use KPIs to drive performance
  • Using Tableau as a real-time dashboard — 3 things we found out!
  • Business Intelligence Software — 4 essential smartwatch rules
  • 3 Reasons why Key Performance Indicators are now more important than ever?
  • Business Intelligence 2020 — 3 Essential technological KPI trends!
  • 5 Essential best practices to elevate Key Performance Indicators

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