We hope y’all ready for the next edition of #AskBen. For this episode, we went back to the roots and answer five super-relevant questions about aviation and airlines!


AskBen — Episode 13 — Spotlight On Aviation

We’re thrilled to publish the next episode of AskBen. For this edition, we went back to the roots and answer questions that are related to airlines and aviation.

So make sure you don’t miss that — and here’s the detailed overview of all questions:

  • How’s Corona going to impact the aviation industry when it comes to digital approaches and innovations?
  • Why do you think that Chinese airlines will dominate the next decade?
  • You’ve recently published that Singapore Airport is now digital fueling ready — are there more Asian airports to follow?
  • Will we see more crazy aviation facts in the next days/weeks?
  • Does Corona impact the KPI usage at airlines?!

Enjoy the video! And in case you have a question Ben should answer, send us a mail!

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