Since the beginning of the Coronacrisis, airlines are burning cash every day. And the longer the pandemic takes, the airlines are getting more creative when it comes to revenue sources. Here are six of the craziest ideas!

Unprecedented times require unorthodox ideas. And there has never been in a time in aviation history when airlines tried so many crazy ideas. Indeed, this is not about trying fancy things for many airlines but doing everything possible to survive. Although the following ideas are sometimes funny, I’m well aware that the situation is dead-serious.

#1 Qantas Airways — Pyjamas, Almonds, And Tray Tables

Australia’s Qantas Airways literally starts selling everything to make it through the pandemic. Qantas sold items typically given away to their first-class passengers. With great success, they sold a lot of 10,000 pyjamas just in a couple of hours. On top of that, aviators that love to a premium-feeling at home can also go for amenity packs. For A$25, you can get your collection, including hand cream, tea bags, chocolate biscuits, and smoked almonds, among other in-flight treats. 

But here’s the craziest thing Qantas is doing. Since many planes of their 747-fleet cease operations, you can buy the cabin interiors, such as first-class tray tables.

#2 Air North — In-Flight Meal Home Delivery!

Air North is a smaller regional airline from Canada’s Yukon. The airline introduced the Yukon Flight Kitchen, where you can order in-flight meals. Menu offerings include beef pot pie for C$9.00 ($6.88) and a selection of cheesecakes for C$13.99. In-flight meal junkies can order up to 20 pre-cooked (frozen) meals to be delivered the next business day.

The Flight Kitchen Yuko

#3 Singapore Airlines — Plane Pop-up Restaurants

Actually, one of my favorite ideas. Singapore Airlines launched the fantastic concept of having lunch on a stationary Airbus A380. The aircraft is parked at the city’s main airport. Although the price is relatively high ($500 first-class seat, $50 economy), the first two dates sold out within 30 minutes. Therefore, the airline has added two more dates.

#4 Flights To Nowhere

A whole bunch of airlines initiated the so-called “Flight To Nowhere” concept. That are flights departing and arriving at the same airport and flying a round-trip of some hundreds or thousands of miles. 

Japan’s ANA was super creative and operated flights called “Hawaiin resort experience.” On that round-trip flight, the Crew wore masks and Hawaiian shirts and served cocktails during the 90-minute trip. 

Besides ANA, many other airlines, for example, Qantas, Tigerair, or EVA Airways, introduced flights to nowhere.

#5 AirAsia — Fruit Delivery

Probably much more than a crazy idea but one of the steps AirAsia takes on its way to a tech company. Just recently, they started an online platform to sell fresh fruits and vegetables. The so-called Ourfarm aims to tap the airline’s cargo, logistics, and payment capabilities to connect Malaysian farmers directly with hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets. The site sells everything from potatoes and pak choi to pineapples and chicken.

#6 China Eastern — All You Can Fly Deals!

Another amazing idea born out of the need to drive passenger numbers. For a single fee of roughly $500 you could buy tickets for unlimited weekend flights till the end of the year. The incredible number (at least in times of Corona) of 150,000 people used that possibility over just two weekends. On some flights, passengers accounted for more than 90%.

Did You Stumble Upon Any Crazy Ideas?

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