It was the first-ever aWall Product Update Live Show — and it was a blast. On 2nd December, we presented the upcoming aWall release details during a 90-minute live web show. In case you couldn’t tune in, here are the details you have to know.

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“It was different, but at the same time, amazing, and we definitely had so much fun.” That’s how Benjamin Walther, CEO of Information Design, described the first-ever aWall live event just a couple of minutes after the curtain fell. “In recent years, we had one-on-one and on-site sessions with our clients to present the latest updates. However, due to Corona, this was, of course, not possible at the moment. So we thought, why not make the best out of it and plan an even bigger blast where everybody interested can tune in,” he adds.

And the concept worked out—more than 80 registrations just on social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Representatives from 15 airlines around the globe and many more experts from the aviation industry signed up.

What You Missed — Latest aWall Updates

Together with his co-host, Julia Hein (Head of Delivery at Information Design), Benjamin led through the show and introduced many new aWall features and surprising updates. Here’s an overview:

KPI Push Notifications

Expected already in summer 2020, the aWall now supports push notifications. Therefore, Information Design introduced a new component that is continuously analyzing an airline’s KPIs. Whenever significant changes are discovered, push notifications are sent out to the users’ devices. However, the rule set behind push notifications is entirely customizable. Thus, enabling airlines to only receives notifications they really need. 

All devices and OS

As expected, push notifications support iOS devices and also Apple Smartwatch. More surprisingly, the feature is also available on all Android devices right from the beginning. That definitely shows the growing importance of Android devices driven by airline clients.

New Key Performance Indicators

Content-wise, Information Design introduced four new Key Performance Indicators (KPI). According to Ms. Hein, the KPIs have been specifically developed to support airlines during the Coronacrisis, especially when restarting the operations. The KPIs include:

  • Active Aircraft: A KPI showing the number of aircraft in use in relation to the entire aircraft fleet.
  • Active Aircraft Rate
  • Average Block Hours
  • Total Block Hours

All four KPIs will be added to current content packages and therefore are free of use for airlines.

Security and Management

Besides new fancy features and content, the aWall update also brings new security and management features.

Touch and Face ID

The latest update supports touch and face ID in addition to the usage of a password.

User Management 2.0

Information Design introduced an all-new administration UI to add, modify, and delete users. On top of that, airlines can now assign user roles on their own.


Highly anticipated by airline clients, the aWall will support 2-Factor-Authentication from early 2021 on.

aWall Lite — The first big bang

Closing the year with a big bang was the slogan of the event. Accordingly, the audience was quite excited about what’s going to be introduced. The introduction of aWall Lite certainly was the first part of the big bang. aWall Lite reflects a new aWall version that can be used without any implementation. “It’s our radically new approach. No implementation, no IT project, ready in a second”, Mr. Walther said. Indeed, aWall Lite was designed to attract new clients that are looking for a risk-free approach.  

The lite version comes with all features aWall provides. Contrary to the aWall connected to an airline’s systems, aWall Lite relies on industry-leading data providers. As a result, aWall Lite contains the essential KPIs, such as on-time performance, delay minutes, number of flights, regularity, or arrival punctuality.

Real-Time Benchmark — The second big bang

With the last part of the event, it was time for the final big bang when Ms. Hein and Mr. Walther introduced an entirely new function called real-time benchmark. “It’s a bold new experience that brings unbeatable insights about your competitors — in real-time”, Mr. Walther said. Indeed, real-time benchmark redefines airline KPI usage. For the first time, airlines can monitor their performance and the performance of their competitors. In detail, airlines can add up to five additional airlines they want to monitor. 

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