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AskBen — Episode 13


  • -How’s Corona going to impact the aviation industry when it comes to digital approaches and innovations?
  • Why do you think that Chinese airlines will dominate the next decade?
  • You’ve recently published that Singapore Airport is now digital fueling ready — are there more Asian airports to follow?
  • Will we see more crazy aviation facts in the next days/weeks?
  • Does Corona impact the KPI usage at airlines?!


AskBen — Episode 12


  • You recently started a music playlist — how's that related to your business?
  • You talk about many different topics — how do you decide which topics you focus on?
  • What's your favorite topic?
  • Apple or Android?
  • Let me know a dead and alive person you'd love to meet!


AskBen — Episode 11


  • What are the most important innovations we will see in the next years?
  • How do you think is COVID going to impact companies?
  • Are there any technologies that you consider as underrated?
  • Why are so many companies struggling with digital approaches?
  • If a company tells you they can't invest in a digital approach — what would be your answer?


AskBen — Episode 10


  • Which are the best tools for KPI management?
  • Which are the most important KPI trends?
  • Are there any business departments that are predicted for KPI usage?
  • Is it always necessary to calculate KPIs in rea-time?
  • What are the main mistakes companies do when it comes to KPIs?


AskBen — Episode 9


  • Getting feedback from employees is currently a big challenge for us — due to home office. Any thoughts on that?
  • You’ve talked a lot about corporate communication apps. We are using Slack. What’s the benefit of adding another app?
  • As a small company should we use KPIs too?
  • I’m the responsible data manager and want to introduce a central Master Data Management — how do I convince my manager?
  • Would you prefer Tableau or PowerBI when it comes to data analytics?


AskBen — Episode 8


  • Can you explain content-at-scale in the context of employee communication more in detail?
  • Which KPIs should we provide to our employees?
  • What’s the future of KPIs?
  • Why are you focusing on employee communication that much recently?
  • We like your internal content strategies. However, we’ve recently invested in a new intranet solution. How would you combine that?


AskBen — Episode 7


  • What’s wrong with today’s employee communication?
  • What do you mean with the battle of attention?
  • What are your tips when it comes to employee motivation?
  • What types of content should a company share with their employees?
  • What if we don’t enough staff to create all that content?


AskBen — Episode 6


  • Does it really make sense to compare Facebook and a Business Intelligence Dashboard?
  • What’s your #1 advice to people who are dealing with Master Data Management?
  • How does attention help if you don’t have content?
  • We like your idea of adopting social media concepts to internal corporate communication. Can you provide an ROI for that?
  • We are planning to set up an internal “facebook-like” tool — what would be your advice on that?


AskBen — Episode 5


  • What's your definition of a perfect operations dashboard?
  • Can you provide some more technical insights about your dashboard solution?
  • What kind of content would you add to an operational dashboard — besides KPIs?
  • How important do you consider the design aspect when it comes to dashboards?
  • What are emotional KPIs?


AskBen — Episode 4


  • What is your favourite airline KPI?
  • Can you explain contextual KPIs more in detail?
  • Do KPIs help to save costs?
  • What are your 3 best-tips when it comes to airline KPIs?


AskBen — Episode 3


  • What are the most important upcoming innovations when it comes to airline KPIs?
  • What are the most critical aspects airlines have to focus on post-COVID time?
  • What are your future product plans and where do you get your inspiration from?
  • Are airlines using different KPIs, or do they all rely on the same set of KPIs?
  • What is the essential part of a KPI solution?


AskBen — Episode 2


  • What's the most complex part when setting up a real-time KPI dashboard?
  • What are the most important source systems we should connect to a KPI dashboard?
  • Which operational KPIs will gain importance in the future?
  • Isn't it boring to talk about airlines and KPIs day in and out?
  • Why should we go for a mobile KPI solution?


AskBen — Episode 1


  • Why should we calculate a hundred or thousands of KPIs. I can't see any added value.
  • What's the business case behind the A:Wall?
  • Do you have a favorite airline you'd love to do a project with?
  • Are there any specific measures you initiated to support airlines during these challenging times?
  • Voice assistants or feed-based solutions. Which one is more important?

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