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  • There are only a few areas that are equally important for an airline’s safety than aircraft maintenance. Therefore, airlines operate sophisticated reporting systems to ensure the highest level of safety and quality of their aircraft. This article introduces five specific aircraft maintenance KPIs every airline should monitor in real-time. Aircraft maintenance — A vast field with tons of KPIs Aircraft
  • Since the beginning of the Coronacrisis, airlines are burning cash every day. And the longer the pandemic takes, the airlines are getting more creative when it comes to revenue sources. Here are six of the craziest ideas! Unprecedented times require unorthodox ideas. And there has never been in a time in aviation history when airlines tried so many crazy ideas.
  • We hope y’all ready for the next edition of #AskBen. For this episode, we went back to the roots and answer five super-relevant questions about aviation and airlines! AskBen — Episode 13 — Spotlight On Aviation We’re thrilled to publish the next episode of AskBen. For this edition, we went back to the roots and answer questions that are related
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has a devastating effect on the global air industry. While it became evident that airlines will suffer a long-lasting impact, more and more airlines announced job cuts and layoffs as a necessary response to the crisis.  With passenger numbers on an all-time low, parked aircraft, and travel restrictions, airlines are undergoing the biggest crisis ever. And there
  • COVID-19’s impact on the airline industry is devastating. The pandemic exposed the vulnerability of an industry based on globalization — business and leisure wise. What does that mean for innovative and digital developments in the airline industry? We put together five predictions! Airlines & COVID It is tough to write an article about the airline industry without mentioning COVID-19 at
  • COVID-19 turned the airline and aviation industry upside down. Moreover, the aftermath of COVID-19 will redefine the entire industry. Up to now, Chinese airlines seem to handle the pandemic much better than competitors from Europe and the US. What does that mean for the future of the aviation and airline industry? Summary Contrary to US and European airlines, Chinese airlines
  • I was looking forward to this blog post for quite a time. And today, I can finally announce the start of our ultimate source for crazy aviation facts. Sounds bold? Well, it will definitely take some time — but as you know, Rome wasn’t built in a day 😉 Why Do We Want To Build The Ultimate Source For Crazy
  • We hope y’all ready for the next edition of #AskBen. For this episode, we wanted to know a little bit more about Ben, himself. That’s why we collected your questions during the last weeks that a rather Ben than business-related! AskBen — Episode 12 — A Very Private Session! We’re thrilled to publish the next episode of AskBen. For this
  • We are beyond thrilled to present the first-ever Future Perspective Edition about Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators. A massive document that holds innovative thoughts, latest trends, and pioneering concepts! +40 Pages About Business Intelligence And Key Performance Indicators! We are more than thrilled to publish the sixth edition of the “Future Perspective” series. For this edition, we went back
  • We are beyond thrilled to present the first-ever Practical Perspective Edition about Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence, and KPIs. On top of that, all articles are tailored to the airline industry! 40 Pages About Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence, And KPIs! If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine! You may know
  • We are beyond thrilled to present the first-ever Practical Perspective Edition about Master Data Management. The document spans across more than 35 pages and contains valuable articles. Plus, unpublished material that will help to drive your master data management project. If you want to have a source for knowledge, including best-tips and a whole bunch of best-practices always in your
  • We hope y’all ready for the next edition of #AskBen. For this episode we selected some pioneering questions about innovations and digital approaches. Actually, it was tough to answer some of them — so don’t miss that! AskBen — Episode 11 — Spotlight On KPIs! We’re thrilled to publish the next episode of AskBen. For this edition, we collected a
  • If you type in Master Data Management Strategy, Google presents you 519 Million results. Even when we put the hyphens around the phrase “Master Data Management Strategy,” we can choose between 176,000 results. Both numbers are fascinating. However, I genuinely believe that 97% of the results won’t tell you about the most critical advice concerning Master Data Management Strategy. Master
  • I think I’m not exaggerating when saying that Master Data Management Systems (MDS) have a boring image. No fancy user interface, no AI, no nothing. Not sexy at all. And I’m not exaggerating when stating that many Master Data Management Systems projects last much longer than expected, don’t achieve set goals, or fail completely. Master Data Management Systems — A
  • One doesn’t know if the universe is endless. But one thing I’m convinced of is the fact that the universe of IT KPIs is infinite. I wrote many articles about the KPIs of various business areas — finance, HR, social media, etc. And for sure, each of these areas posses a considerable amount of KPIs. However, compared to IT, that
  • We hope y’all ready for the next edition of #AskBen. Especially when you’re dealing with KPIs this episode is a must-watch for you! We’ve collected five essential KPI question for Ben to answer — so don’t miss that! AskBen — Episode 10 — Spotlight On KPIs! We’re thrilled to publish the next episode of AskBen. For this edition, we collected
  • I am thrilled and beyond happy to present the most valuable and insightful content piece we’ve ever created. With the first “Future Perspective” edition about Employee Engagement and Corporate Communication, we put together some of our most essential knowledge and thoughts. With more than 40 pages, we get you prepared for the Future Of Employee Engagement And Corporate Communication. What
  • I’m super happy to share the second part of our strategy talk about internal corporate communication strategy. With this interview part, we focused on today’s shortcomings many companies have in the field of corporate communication and related strategy. However, I also provide very practical advice on how to improve. I do hope the strategy talk provides value and, as always,
  • We hope y’all ready for the 8th edition of #AskBen. Particularly, because we selected a set of super interesting questions this time! AskBen — Episode 9 — Mashing It Up! We’re thrilled to publish the next episode of AskBen. For this edition, we collected a wide variety of questions — spanning from master data management to KPIs and employee communication.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are probably among the most prominent tools to manage, monitor, and steer a company’s operations and strategy. And if you search Google, you’ll find hundreds of different KPIs that cover your business processes. However, if you’d ask me which KPIs to start with, my immediate answer is Financial KPIs! Marketing Counts, Social Media Is Important —
  • Social media key performance indicators (KPIs) should reflect an essential part of your social media strategy. They rationalize the success of your social media activities. Moreover, social media KPIs help to monitor whether you are reaching your defined goals or not. Unfortunately, many companies —still— track the wrong social media KPIs. Very often they solely look at the number of
  • Podcasts are constantly becoming an essential source of insights, knowledge, inspiration — and also thoughts about innovation. Moreover, the number of people listening to podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts is steadily increasing. In the United States alone, approximately 100 million people listen to podcasts. And that number is expected to grow to 160 million by 2023. However,
  • In today’s world, many companies are utilizing social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And undoubtedly, focusing on social media channels has become an essential pillar of a company’s success. Therefore, a considerable number of companies try to set up social media dashboards, including their most crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Nevertheless, and although social media channels provide a
  • Regardless of the business you operate, or the size of your company, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are essential for sustainable success and growth. Moreover, monitoring the right set of Key Performance Indicators help to reach business and strategic goals massively. That’s why we put together the most relevant Key Performance Indicator Examples.  Actually, we went through each business area of

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