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Insights Into A New Approach Of Real-Time Flight Tracking.

Have you ever considered the possibility of tracking an entire flight process? From its initial planning until its arrival to a destination? Today, I want to share with you a concept that will allow you to track each step of a flight in a chronological manner and the most important in real-time. But why do we consider this concept important?…

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23 Visuals to Boost Your Airline KPI Dashboard

Today, you’re going to learn about the best information visualizations for your airline KPI dashboard. In fact, these are proven chart types that our customers use within aWall. To overwatch departure and arrival punctuality. To handle passenger misconnection. Or even to rule maintenance. And I should point something out: We might start with some generic basics, that’s true. But on…

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8 best tips to build an iPad airline dashboard that wows your executives

Providing iPad (or tablet) versions of your airline dashboard to your executive team is essential these days. However, we all know that executives —for good reasons— have specific requirements. Usually, they travel a lot, have minimal time, and have to be perfectly informed about their company’s performance. From our experience, we’ve observed that in most cases, executives use iPad (or…

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Airline Dashboard Design — 4 Extensive Use Cases + Special Tips

The design of an airline dashboard reflects one of the three essential “D-pillars” when it comes to dashboards: Data, (KPI) Definition & Design. And also design isn’t the complex part I’d rate it as toughest. Why’s that? Contrary to data and KPI definition, everybody has a taster for design. Nonetheless, personal taste should never drive the design of an airline…

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6 Essential Content Views Every Airline Dashboard Must Have (Plus Examples)

Every airline operations dashboard is only as good as the content it provides. This, actually, is not very surprising. However, I’ve seen many dashboards that doesn’t provide much value when it comes to the contained content. Nonetheless, I’ve set up a whole bunch of airline dashboards during the last years. Dashboards for all types of airlines: Huge network carriers, regional operators,…

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3 Unusual, Free of Charge Approaches To Enrich Your Airline Operations Dashboard

Airline Operations KPI Dashboards are such great tools to create an enterprise-wide situational awareness. First and foremost, these dashboards are about visualizing KPIs. For example, on-time performance, regularity, or misconnex ratio. Secondly, it is about real-time information and details about upcoming flights, ground events, etc. Most of the airlines I know focus on those aspects solely. But airline operations dashboards…

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4 Essential Operations Information you need on your airline dashboard — and how to make the most out of it.

Visualizing airline operations information on your dashboard is essential for a perfect situational awareness. KPIs are certainly one of the essential parts of an airline’s operations real-time dashboard. But the truth is, a dashboard solely focused on KPIs won’t bring the benefits you are expecting. Even worse, a dashboard that only visualizes KPIs can provide an overview of your current…

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5 often-overlooked​ best-practices for designing a mobile KPI App for airlines

An increasing number of airlines are trying to bring operations KPI to mobiles and provide a KPI app. This makes absolute sense since the number of people using their mobile to access information is steadily and rapidly increasing. Two years ago already, 93% of all mobile users obtained online information with their mobile. Of course, not all of them want…

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