The Future of Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators


The Future of Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators

In recent years, the world of KPIs and business intelligence has experienced tremendous change: Real-time dashboards and self-service BI have established a new data culture in many companies. It has not only influenced the tools and day-to-day work processes, but in particular the process of decision making. And it involves all employees, regardless of department or position.

What else can we expect in the coming years? Which developments will drive the way we work with data and KPIs tomorrow?

In this whitepaper, we present the business intelligence trends of the early 2020s. Long story short: What’s lying ahead is an increasingly seamless and effortless integration of data and KPIs into everyday work.

For the majority, business intelligence will no longer take place in complex tools on the computer. Instead, KPIs will be directly accessible via smartphone, smartwatch or voice assistant.

Besides, real-time technology will gradually replace the classic weekly, monthly or quarterly report: Why wait until a certain date for information that can be provided immediately and at any time via push notification?

Yet that is hardly the end of the story. Many more new innovations and trends await business intelligence in the next few years. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch up on all the details and benefits.

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