The Future of Employee Engagement and Corporate Communication


The Future of Employee Engagement and Corporate Communication

A highly motivated team that’s ready to rock’n’roll can outperform competitors that seem unbeatable on a fact sheet. Money, market, position or brand are all crucial factors indeed. But nothing comes close to motivation. Unfortunately, studies tell that 70% of employees feel unhappy and dispassionate when it comes to their work.

Why is that?

Basically, motivation arises from information and communication. Giving employees the opportunity to directly see the fruits of their labor has a huge impact on their engagement. Especially if information touches employees on an emotional and deeply personal level.

To achieve this, it is essential to adapt corporate communication to the habits and life of today’s employees. However, standard tools don’t fulfil this requirement. In fact, email and intranet have long been outdated.

But how else are companies supposed to reach their employees? Especially under the new normal with an ever-growing number of remote workers?

The approach we explore in this white paper is to adapt to social media principles. Learn which content types are the best to motivate your workforce, how to automatically personalize information for every employee and how to implement a platform for discussion and feedback that allows to feel the mood within the company even better than directly in the office.

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