The Future of Fuel Management and Digital Fueling Processes


Fuel Management and Digital Fueling Processes

Over the last decades, enormous sums have been invested into the digitalization of the aircraft fueling process with the age-old goal of saving fuel and therefore save cash. Tremendous improvements have been made over the years, but airlines still face one major problem. They have to coordinate and communicate with a wide variety of fueling contractors across their network, many of them relying on different IT systems and procedural guidelines. This makes streamlining processes immensely challenging. As a result, it becomes difficult to achieve the cost-savings and improved process efficiency such as network-wide process offers.

With the technical opportunities the year 2020 offers, I believe that this last barrier can finally be overcome and help airlines worldwide simplify their network processes. The idea behind it is pretty simple, but it is bold. A digital communication hub that acts as an intermediary between airlines and fueling companies at every single airport around the globe. This way, airlines and fuel provider would only need to connect to one system enabling them to align all their fuel-related communication processes to that one system.

Such a digital communication hub finally offers the opportunity to route all your communication with the fueling companies across one central system. No need to start yet another implementation project to connect the newest IT system of your fuel provider at one of your destinations. Simply connect your IT environment to the hub, and everything is taken care of – from the fuel order up to the receipt, every interaction will be digital and centralized. As soon as such a hub is implemented at one airport, every airline and fuel provider can use it.

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