The Definitive Airline Fuel Efficiency Guide


The Definitive Airline Fuel Efficiency Guide

Electronic Fueling aims to digitize an airline’s fueling process. That means today’s manual procedures (fuel order, receipt, etc.) are transformed to become all-digital. Accordingly, manual processes or face-toface communicatoin can be eliminated.

Therefore, a so-called data distribution platform connects airlines on the side, and fuel provider on the other side. Subsequently, all fuel-related messages are solely exchanged via this platform. Worth mentioning that Electronic Fueling is also part of IATA’s Fuel standard measures and relies on IATA messaging standard.

The question now is, how does Electronic Fueling drive an airline’s fuel efficiency? How does it contribute to lean processes and financial savings?

Like many other digital approaches, digitizing an airline’s operational fuel process holds enormous potential. Potential in terms of enhanced efficiency and costsavings.

Let’s have a detailed look at the benefits and how Electronic Fueling drives an airline’s fuel efficiency.


The Definitive Airline Operations and KPI Guide

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    November 14, 2019
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The Definitive Airline Fuel Efficiency Guide
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