The Definitive Airline Operations and KPI Guide


The Definitive Airline Operations and KPI Guide

The most successful airlines keep tracking and monitoring their airline operations KPIs. These airlines understood that every decision has to be based on data and KPIs. The primary tool they use to keep their focus are dashboards.

The term dashboard originates from the automotive industry. It is natural for drivers to always keep an eye on the most important functions of their cars while driving: Speed, fuel level, warning lights. Without this information, driving is virtually like flying blind.

And so is airline operations without KPI dashboards.

But what makes a good airline operations dashboard? Which KPIs are the most important? How can they be displayed in a way that immediately gets to the user? How can they be used to improve on time performance? Last but not least, how can dashboards support a wide variety of people and departments — from operations control and crew over customer care to executives — in the way they work?

In this whitepaper we focus on the idea of a real-time KPI dashboard. In fact, this form of dashboard is not, as many may think, an expensive mega-project. On the contrary, real-time technology is capable of saving several hundred thousand euros annually in operational use. Plus, implemented for mobile devices they provide the most personalized monitoring experience ever.

Sounds good? Then let’s get into the details of using real-time dashboards in airline operations.


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