Airline Podcast: 2020’s Top Episodes Of The ID1 Audio Experience!

With more than 150 podcast episodes, 2020 was a remarkable year. We tried new formats, new topics and invited new co-hosts. But overall, we had one clear goal: Creating the world’s best airline podcasts that focus on data, business intelligence, and KPIs. Continue reading and discover 2020’s top episodes of the ID1 Audio Experience. 2020 — The year the ID1 Audio Experience grew up and became a significant airline podcast. Before we look at this…

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10 Innovation Podcasts You Must Listen To In 2020!

Podcasts are constantly becoming an essential source of insights, knowledge, inspiration — and also thoughts about innovation. Moreover, the number of people listening to podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts is steadily increasing. In the United States alone, approximately 100 million people listen to podcasts. And that number is expected to grow to 160 million by 2023. However, since more and more people and companies consider podcasts as an adequate tool to reach…

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The Top 5 Podcasts From The ID1 Audio Experience

When my team came up with the idea to start a podcast about airline KPIs, content, and technology, I was quite skeptical. Although I’m the biggest fan of creating content, I found it hard to imagine that a podcast focusing on such niche topics will work. During the past 12 months, it turned out that it works. Today we’re blown away when looking at the sheer number of listeners but also on the positive feedback…

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Q&A Session — A very special, personal edition!

It was an immense pleasure to host another Q&A session today. However, this Q&A session was slightly different from the other sessions I’ve been hosting so far. Instead of answering airline-, airline operations-, KPI-, and technology-related questions, it was getting more personal today. Since we’ve been receiving several personal questions, we thought it’s a good idea to run this special Q&A session. Therefore, my team has collected ten different questions they have been receiving from…

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Real, raw, valuable — answering questions about airlines, KPI & technology.

I really love to do Q&A sessions and answer your questions about airlines, KPIs, and technology. Over the last weeks, I’ve received many new questions from blog post readers or podcast listeners. That’s why I decided to run another Q&A session. (In case this is your first visit, you can also tune in to the previous Q&A sessions: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) And it’s definitely overwhelming to see that people from all over…

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Q&A Session Part 3 — Answering another 7 airline operations, data & KPI questions

This time I had to run the Q&A session on my own. Unfortunately, due to Corona and related measures, my colleague Larissa and I couldn’t team up this time. Good news: Larissa has been collecting your questions over the last weeks and selected seven of them. The questions cover various topics of airline, data and KPI aspects. Again, we’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of questions we have been receiving and really humbled to be…

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