How Airlines Can Continue On A Sustainable Path With Post-COVID-19 Strict Sanitary Regulations?

Airlines have been working for years on how to become more environmentally friendly. On our blog post, ‘Why should airlines monitor sustainability KPIs’ we identify some of the central sustainability KPIs airlines should track to reduce the impact on the environment. However, with the current COVID-19 crisis and the new hygiene and sanitation standards that will be required to travel, airlines face…

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Why It’s Time For Airlines To Monitor Sustainability KPIs In Real-Time?

There are certainly many articles about sustainability and airlines. For quite a while the global and necessary debate about climate change, sustainability, and CO2 reduction is a dominating topic. Although COVID-19 has pushed the topic into the background in 2020 you don’t have to be Nostradamus to know that its relevance will again increase. Regardless of the exact percentage, no…

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